Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brian Eno discusses "Music for Airports," one of my all-time favorite albums:

(Thanks: Beyond the Beyond.)


mister ecks said...
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mister ecks said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm a huge fan/admirer of Eno and Music For Airports really is one of the all-time great albums of its kind.

However, while I've always thought that it works amazingly well as a piece of art, Music For Airports ironically wouldn't likely work too well in actual airports. The album is majestic, ethereal, and melancholy in such a way that it would tend to create uneasiness in such a bland setting rather than

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree: it would be rather odd to hear "Music for Airports" actually in an airport. Is is kind of melancholy and orchestrally grand.

I'd rather not hear any music at the airport other than what I choose to listen to, if anything.