Monday, June 11, 2007

Project Pterosaur

The goal of Project Pterosaur is to mount an expedition to locate and bring back to the United States living specimens of pterosaurs or their fertile eggs, which will be displayed in a Pterosaur Rookery that will be the center piece of the planned Fellowship Creation Science Museum and Research Institute (FCSMRI). Furthermore, the rookery facility will establish a breeding colony of pterosaurs in order to produce specimens that could then be put on display by other regional institutions or church groups.

If real (and not a spot-on parody), this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen online. It reads like some sort of fevered collaboration between Jack Chick and Loren Coleman.

For more seriously wacked-out uber-Christian hocus pocus, be sure to take a look at the rest of the "Objective Ministries" site!

(Thanks to John Shirley.)


Anonymous said...

See above. Yes, this is a spoof site.

Anonymous said...

A truly great spoof site.


Mac said...

Yes, this is a spoof site.

Thank goodness! What little I surfed last night was crazy as hell but eerily plausible...

Anonymous said...

Gotta be. One tipoff is that the "Minister" is named Palely, a historical 19th century Brit. Geologist who was the first to make realistic estimates of the true age of the earth.

A couple of goodies:

1) The term "theobiology."

2) The bit about Velociraptors making trouble for Puerto Rican sheep herders!

My sense is that the people they're really trying to fool are just the types who take this kind of shit seriously.

--WMB as Anon