Friday, June 15, 2007

No Stars Shine in This Dark Galaxy

An international team of astronomers have conclusive new evidence that a recently discovered "dark galaxy" is, in fact, an object the size of a galaxy, made entirely of dark matter.


Anonymous said...

They showed a picture of empty space as proof. Yup, a dark galaxy in a dark background. Hmmm... Are they going to call it "The Emperor's New Galaxy"?

Mac said...


What part of the discoverers' methodology don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Arnik---

From the article:

"It was only visible in radio telescopes, which could detect the radio emissions from neutral hydrogen gas located in the cloud."

See also:

This shows the basic outline and structural parameters of the dark galaxy, as shown by the red lines.

Anonymous said...

There ARE all kinds of problems with the whole concept of "dark matter," though. Nobody really seemes to know what it is, so, in a sense, it's "dark" conceptually as well as physically.