Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Mystery of the Drones (Whitley Strieber)

Regarding the unusual appearance of one of the alleged "drones," Strieber remarks:

In fact, it is so exotic, so strange, its design so 'movie-like,' that, if it is an alien object, then I think it has been intentionally designed to make us think it's a special effect, right down to the writing seen on the object in the Chad photos, with its resemblance to Klingon and some other science fiction movie letterings.

Like most of Whitley's posts, this one if filled with an appealingly paranoid sort of logic. And to a degree I can relate, as my book-in-the-works, "The Cryptoterrestrials," depends to an extent on the reader's willingness to speculate and temporarily dismiss entrenched biases about what the UFO phenomenon is (or isn't).

That Strieber can transform the "drones" into a source of wonder (however tepid) is a testament to his imagination. But the photos in question remain to be authenticated; indeed, we don't even know who took them.

Strieber's essay notwithstanding, the overwhelming odds are that we're witnessing yet another soon-to-be-forgotten online hoax.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, ol' Whitley, man. He DOES have a pretty wild imagination. The question I have, after reading some of his more recent articles, is does he believe his own schtick, i.e. is intelligent, creative, and delusional, OR does he know exactly what he's doing, which amounts to running a con, for the money, etc., as he knows he's making it all up?

Either delusional wackjob of the highest order or venal, crafty con.

Wotta choice. Opinions?

Anonymous said...

Dude... I was having a cook out with some friends and no sooner did I crack open a cold beer did one of those friggin drones fly over head!

Inspecting it as it flew over head, I noticed it was a fake. It was on a sting like a kite. I followed the string behind a bush only to find a young Klingon, smoing a doobie laughing his ass off.

He offered me a hit and I offered him a beer.

Anonymous said...

When we finally have alien contact, it's going to be so weird and incomprehensible it can't possibly be anything else. And we won't hear it from some nut like Whitely fucking Streiber.

Mac said...

Either delusional wackjob of the highest order or venal, crafty con.

Or -- dare I say it? -- he could be telling the truth about his own experiences while waxing far-fetched about things he really doesn't know about, such as the "drones."

Unknown said...

Hey, hey, HEY! Whitley makes a point of saying that he's NOT endorsing the authenticity of the pictures. He's just doing a "what if" kind of speculation. Let's give some credit where credit is due. Given his general propensity for "buying into" stuff like this, I thought his analysis was admirably restrained and thoughtful.