Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crop Circles - Hoax Or Hex?

He would not elaborate, but suggested that the act of making the circles might be an act bordering on something like evocational magick. In other words, the creation of the intricate patterns in ripe crops all over England over the past 3 decades may have had more than the desired effect of making art and befuddling believers - it may have called up something from the "symbolic realm," as I call it.

Greg Bishop's speculation dovetails with Nick Redfern's proposal that certain ancient sites in England are endowed with thought-forms. Maybe we've unwittingly activated a "psychic Internet" in which our minds are the servers and the planet itself is the monitor.


Anonymous said...

Nope. Gotta be airborne computer-programmed laser or maser beams. I'm a believer in the occult but it doesn't work the way you see in Harry Potter.

Greg Bishop said...

I'm continually amazed at the godlike wisdom of commenters, usually referring to themselves as "anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Hah! Hardly godlike. More doglike, I think. I mean to sign my Anon post (for, indeed, it was I) but just plain forgot. But I am sticking by my (godlike or doglike)point. Occult explanations work for some phenomena. Not for this one, I don't think.

--WMB as Anon

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight.

"evocational magick"
"symbolic realm"
"psychic internet"

Pure unwarranted speculation without a shred of proof is more like it.

Anonymous said...

For evidence:

Evocational Magick -- Read Aleister Crowley.

Symbolic Realm -- Read Carl Jung.

Thought Forms -- Read Tibetan Buddhism.

Psychic Internet -- Get yourself a wireless connection through a yogic trance and log in!

I know both from my reading and personal experience that all these things are real. If the universe were only material pheomena, you wouldn't be conscious of it because consciousness is neither material nor a phenomenon.

(I just don't happen to believe that the cause of Crop Circle (aka "Crop Glyphs") lies in any of these areas. Military or paramilitary experimentation with programmed laser/maser beams is a much likelier, more Occam-friendly explanation.)

--WMB as Anon