Monday, June 18, 2007

Take a look at the incredible packaging for the final cut of Ridley Scott's prescient cult favorite, "Blade Runner." It even comes with a replica "spinner" flying car. My inner nerd is fairly drooling over this.


Ross said...

Wow that is the most amazing dvd packaging I have ever seen. I am also psyched that it includes the original version of the film with the voice overs. I know this is sacrilege but I LOVED that version of the film, I didn't feel like I needed it but it made the movie I dunno a more personal experience.

I do like the Director's cut also...

Katie said...

My inner nerd is fairly drooling over this.

You and me both! Wow, that looks really amazing.

Chris said...

Kenn and I watched BR again a few weeks back - for the first time in years. I was just blown away not only by how well the movie holds up visually, but how many contemporary issues it nails. I have trouble believing this movie was made in the 80s, even though I saw it in the theater on opening day. It's emerged as my number one scifi film of all time, even over 2001.

Mac said...


I agree with you 100%. It's held my #1 spot for many years, with "2001" somewhere close behind.

lerchbase said...

"My inner nerd is fairly drooling over this."

My inner nerd, my outer nerd, and the nerds that live under my bed are all drooling over this one.

A couple of years ago I saw a strange version here in Seattle. The theater had received, by accident, a cut from the composer or editor (I can't remember which now) that contained a beautiful symphonic score and some alternate editing and scenes.

The theater owner came out before hand and said he was under strict orders from the distributer not to show the film and to send it back immediately. He asked us to keep it quiet so he wouldn't get sued. :-) Great fun was had by all.

It was pretty rough in places and was missing some dialogue and music, but it was strangely beautiful.