Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spooks Infiltrating UFO Community?

So, if I get this right: these spooks don't really believe in UFOs, but they're worried that foreign intelligence agents have infiltrated UFO groups that have military members with classified info. And what sort of classified information do these supposed foreign intelligence types think they're gonna get from the UFO group (other than UFO information)?

At this point, if attending a conference, I'd politely hand the mic to Nick Redfern ("On the Trail of the Saucer Spies"). But it's worth noting that spooks infiltrating UFO groups is hardly new, dating back to the very first formal research organizations.

Hopefully this "new" development will stir up some coherent discussion on an overlooked and multifaceted aspect of ufology.


Anonymous said...

What the Danger Room blog and the article by Gus Russo in the American Chronicle are documenting is an active disinformation campaign against elements of the ufo "research community". Some of this has been documented on different forums at ATS, Reality Uncovered, and the Open Minds websites.

Whether it is in part sponsored by the US military/intelligence community, elements of which appear to be involved, or whether this is an independent effort (by some of the old players in the Bennewitz affair, i.e. former USAF AFOSI and CIA personnel), remains to be seen.
But it amounts to a psychological operation, or psyop, intended to divert, distract, and disinform those gullible enough to buy into them.

As such, it is both dangerous and destructive to the real scientific efforts to truly and empirically investigate various genuine ufo/uap phenomena.

These same kinds of operations and sources were the ones behind the Dulce hoax, the Bennewitz affair, and many other false, fraudulent stories and hoaxes passed off over the last two decades within the "ufo research community" for various nefarious and manipulative purposes.

The reasons for these efforts are manifold, serve some national security agendas, and more than anything, are used to cover real programs and to send people off on wild goose chases, among other intentions.

Dan T. Smith, Ron Pandolfi, Kit Green, Robert Collins, and, of course, Rick Doty have all been long-term participants and promulgators of these "false-flag" type of operations.

The old "Aquarium" vs. "Aviary" myths, the Serpo and Seinu stories, and many hoaxes, including some abduction scenarios, are further examples. They should all be exposed for the frauds they are, and for the domestic intelligence psyops manipulators they are.

I'd like to see lawsuits, hearings, and related legal efforts like mdr's and foia's brought to bear, exposing these long-term hoax efforts, as they amount to illegal domestic intelligence collection and disinformation efforts.

Don't buy their bullshit.

Caveat emptor.

Mac said...

On the other hand, who need spooks to destroy ufology when we have guys like Shostak, Greer and Korff?

Anonymous said...

You miss my point. Those kind of guys are civilians. Like Moe, Larry, and Curly. Obvious.

The types like Doty, Collins, Pandolfi, Alexander, et al, especially if funded and USG authorized to disinform and disrupt, create COINTELPRO-type psyops that are much more insidious and effective.

Remember MJ-12, Dulce, the Robertson Panel recommendations, and aspects of Roswell, etc.? The last 20 and more years of serious ufological research has been undermined and subject to discredit, confusion, and destructive ops as a consequence.

Much more serious and covert.

Ross said...

Personally I think one of the most disturbing parts of the article is that "Joel Brenner, the United States national counterintelligence chief recently said that the number of Russian agents operating in the country had reached “Cold War levels,” according to the Russian News & Information Agency."

So what kind of war are we in now if the cold one is over? I mean we are still spying on each other at that same level and Putin has recently talked about having to target European cities with there Nuclear arsenal if America implements the missile defense system in that region....