Thursday, June 14, 2007

Remember Kal Korff? He's been plugging away at his blog and the result is nothing short of hilarious. His grandiose claims have become so unapologetically silly that I don't think even Korff buys his schtick anymore -- but I could be wrong. See for yourself.

(For background on "Colonel" Korff, refer to


Anonymous said...

Karl Korff's mistakenly shot (according to Korf) brother, Kurtis Kern Korff, interestingly has the initials KKK. Coincidence??? I think NOT!

Anonymous said...

kal oh kal oh kal. what happened to kal? the man has clearly lost his marbles. maybe i'll move to a different country, lay some roots, and start acting like a fool.

Anonymous said...

korf,s a lost soul, a weed amoung roses. this man should take credit for my inventions.but alas scientology and tom cruise cures the insane not medications and psychologist,s ask don ecker or art bell about this proton shredding hero of the galaxy