Sunday, February 17, 2008

China concerned by U.S. satellite missile plan

China is concerned by U.S. plans to shoot down an ailing spy satellite and is considering what "preventative measures" to take, the Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

"The Chinese government is paying close attention to how the situation develops and demands the U.S. side fulfill its international obligations and avoids causing damage to security in outer space and of other countries," spokesman Liu Jianchao said.

And so the saber-rattling begins in earnest.

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mr. intense said...

Oh, this is politically hilarious schadenfreude on the part of the Chinese, or _something_ ridiculous, as _they_ shot one of their own defunct weather satellites and exploded it in _orbit_, for testing anti-sat missle tech, and out of a much higher orbit that we plan to blow our spysat up at, [120/130 miles up], and the Chinese didn't even say anything until the US gov starting asking them questions later, as they dispersed thousands of large metal fragments, etc., into an orbit our spysats, and other commercial sats from the US and over countries might be destroyed by.

So, boo-hoo, China! At least we preannounced, and are shredding our deadsat at lower range, so that virtually all the frags burn up through the upper atmosphere.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle blackened! Heh!