Friday, February 15, 2008

Ray (of Ray's X-Blog) relates his mysteriously failed attempt to contact renowned UFO researcher James Moseley. (Have the dreaded reptilians infiltrated the US postal system?)

Ray also mentions my own experiences with the meddling incompetents formally known as the Dep't of Homeland Security. In what I can only interpret as a positive development, Homeland Security has ceased opening my international mail, if my last two packages from Canada are any indication. I never had anything to hide (except, perhaps, an odd taste in books), but the regular sight of bright yellow tape on my FedEx deliveries had become both tiresome and ominous.

Am I off their list, assuming they had one? I guess. And I hope it stays that way.


Elan said...

Forgive my sarcasm but I doubt if the pissant bureaucrats that opened your boxes of books have the cranial capacity to understand what they were gawking at…if they gave up on the intrusiveness, perhaps they realized that to indulge in intellectual speculation is still (for the moment) legal in your country as well as mine.
Let’s hope that it remains so…

wintermuse x9 said...

I would speculate that the DHS opening your packages for awhile might have something to do with efforts on the part of the Commerce Dept. trying to restrict the importation of cheap meds from Canada at the behest of the US pharmaceutical industries.

Perhaps now that DHS has determined you aren't importing mass quantities of things like warfarin or Viagra via surreptitious northern booksellers, you're in the clear and off some possible watchlist.

But, watch your step! We don't want to "let the terrorists win," now do we? 8^}

kcotae said...

Since getting involved with UFO research my mail is often tampered with. Also, a few years ago my phone line was compromised and when I contacted BT to inquire about it they admitted there was a "voltage drop" on the line that could only be caused by "tapping"
I've also been followed by cars from time to time. I have a friend in the police and he checked the VIN numbers and discovered that they were registered to the MoD.

Anonymous said...

Re: kcotae's comments ref. being followed by MOD registered vehicles: calling Nick Redfern!

Nick Redfern said...

The best example of people being tailed in the UK because of their UFO research is Robin Cole, who in the 90s had half of British Intelligence on his tail for looking into the links between UFOs and GCHQ (the UK equivalent of NSA). The good thing about Robin's story is that it can be verified and when questioned by UK authorities in his own home, Robin had the foresight to secretly tape-record the interview.
I don't think the faceless automatons at the top of the chain were too happy about that...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't read too much into your mail being opened by Canadian Customs. My experience with sending packages to Canada is that they inspect ALL incoming and outgoing mail, which results in lengthy delivery delays.
USPS has told me this outright, because they have been told that this is Canadian Customs' Policy.
It doesn't matter what mailing method you use; it's going to get inspected in Canada.

Nick Redfern said...


Am I not correct in thinking, however, that your mail was specificially opened by the US Dept of Homeland Security and *not" Canadian Customs?

Mac said...

Nick, Bsti--

The yellow tape reads:


with the US Dep't of Homeland Security seal.