Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valley firefighters get trained for UFO, alien contact

Whatever your beliefs, it's hard to dismiss how life-changing alien contact could be.

It would literally change everything, and because of that, Valley emergency teams are taking it all seriously.

Firefighters are getting trained for that contact, learning what to do and how to handle the situation if it ever turns into reality.

"They're emerging from the spacecraft! This is the moment we've trained for! Ready? Let's hose them down!"


Anonymous said...

...your comment lines here are hilarious, I could clearly visualize the scene and now I can't stop laughing...thanks!


Mac said...

The idea of training firefighters for UFO contact is so inane it was all I could come up with!

Weevee: stdbj *snicker*

Ray said...

"Take me to your hoser."

johnny winter's muse said...


Keymaster? Meet the Gatekeeper!

Now, stand still while we hose you down.

weevee/captcha: hhayfh

xslation: ahhahaha yoof hmmm