Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Disappearing bees threaten ice cream sellers

Let's just say if the worst thing to come out of Colony Collapse Disorder is the death of the gourmet ice cream industry then I'll be distinctively relieved.

(Thanks again, Nick!)


Nick Redfern said...

The only good thing about all this is that the porky pig generation may actually get fit due to there being no junk left to eat.

Perhaps they'll even start walking again and not sit chained to the couch or driving around in motorized little carts.

Nah, the latter is probably asking too much.

Rand said...

Don't we need bees for our survival?

Without them most plants would have a hard time reproducing.

Seems a little worrying.

Nick Redfern said...


You are absolutely correct. In a worst case scenario, the effects on many of the foods we rely on could be beyond catastrophic.

There are some good net articles that spell out the real extent of what might play out if things get worse.