Friday, February 22, 2008

A future-sexy Brigitte Bardot becomes entranced by the miasmic "cybernetic art" of the late Nicolas Schöffer:

And just in case you missed Raquel Welch strutting her stuff in mock-astronaut garb, click here. Like crazy, man!

(Hat tip to Dark Roasted Blend.)


morrisey said...

Bardot: future-sexy indeed.

How soon is the future? Now.

And this must be around 40 years old. Maybe our retro-future was then, and now.

sagacious sagan said...

I just realized the chorus to whatever she's singing in French is "Contact! Contact! Contact!..."

I'd go back to the late sixties to make "Contact!" with her. Or Raquel. Well, I can dream, can't I?

wintermuse x9 said...

From the youtube user site:

"Victor Kiswell is honored to share this cosmic ... (more)
Added: November 16, 2007
Victor Kiswell is honored to share this cosmic / erotic vision of the french 60's pop culture. Brigitte Bardot in a Paco Rabanne dress, singing "Contact" surrounded by cinetic sculptures by Nicolas Schöffer. This kind of clip, one of the first of the genre, was part of a TV show called "The Bardot Show" shot by Eddy Matalon and François Reichenbach. Amazing sitar pop groove, thanks to Michel Colombier and Serge Gainsbourg."

I really dig this clip--very French 60's pop scenester-trippy.

Morrisey should be Morrissey. He will be, anyway, right?