Monday, February 25, 2008

Prosthesis for a lost instinct

The risks we fear the most are often the ones most unlikely to be encountered. The human animal has lost its natural instinct for the real dangers. When worn directly on your skin, the Alertness Enhancing Device will act as a physical prosthesis for a lost natural instinct of the real fears and dangers that threaten us - as opposed to perceived risks that often cause a public outrage.

The idea is it stimulates goosebumps and shivers that go down your spine and make your neck hair stand up, waking up the alert animal inside. You become more alert and ready for the real dangers in life.

(Via Sentient Developments.)

Very nice indeed. The next step, I suppose, is to wire this sucker directly into your brain and have it activate when it detects troubling activity online (via RSS, I'd imagine). (Reading this particular blog might entail some major battery expenditure -- especially when I get on one of my climate change jags.)


wintermuse x9 said...

"You've lost that lovin' feelin'..."

"Well, OK. Can I get an implant for that? And I don't mean _that_ kind. Something a little higher on the neural stem...ahem."

Elan said...

Does this remind anyone of the movie "Strange Days"?