Sunday, February 17, 2008

UFO at Roswell - Sgt. Earl Fulford. - A new credible 'debris field' witness comes forward

Sgt. Fulford is clear about one thing - the material he saw all had "geometric shapes". There were no tears, splits or jagged edges - all the material had completely straight edges. This is important information - not only does this show that the material was not 'balloon material' or 'mylar' (not invented then) - but there is an intriguing aspect to the material having 'geometric shapes' ("there were no curved edges") - does this suggest something about the inherent nature and structure of the strange material itself?

(Via The Keyhoe Report.)

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dr. x said...

Issue of cognitive dissonance here with retired Sgt. Fulford's audio recording statement ref. "geometric shapes" of (what, ablative tiles or such as on the Space Shuttle?) the materials or other metallic debris field elements being found and examined by him:

This contradicts almost all other first or second level witness statements about the nature of the metallic debris found and examined (of a torn, exploded, or not intact nature in a field of shredded or torn-up metal sheeting bits and fragmentary pieces of some unknown metallic kind) allegedly by others on that fabled July day in 1947 Roswell.

Anyone care to venture an explanation of that rather obvious contradiction?? We have an evidential conflict here, of some type.