Saturday, February 23, 2008

The "drone" meme -- still not dead!

(Thanks: The Anomalist.)


mister ecks said...

ha, it's like a slasher movie villain. and i bet they'll keep milking it with sequels and remakes...

rorschach test said...

"Dammit, Jim, it's _still_ not dead!"
"Well, that's too bad for us, and too bad for _them!_ "

---invented paraphrase of Bones to Kirk, trekville
(or some such similarly obscure cinematic reference...)

Yeah, well, I read the article, which of course has no references to incident origins or checkable footnotes (naturally!), examined the characters and compared the goofy coin drawing "alphanumerics" around it's edge to the distorted random 5's and 7's and other squiggly characters from the "copper plate" (shades of the infamous "Sir Francis Drake" copper plate hoax), and then reviewed the characters on the infamous faked model &/or CGI "drone" arm (such excellent close-up photos, there), and found that, gosh, guess what, none of the characters really correlate clearly to each other or are actually the same.

This article is on an "alien advocacy" site, has no real sourcing, or bona fides noted, and, as usual, is just another example of the "inventive creativity" of various parties, none of them aliens, and fabricated like low line-count poorly made linen whole-cloth by the article's author into yet another poorly documented, crass, full-boogie hoax.

If you'd like to buy (into?) some of this same kind of "alien language" crap, you can go find Becky Andreassen's website, where for $25 a pop, she'll sell you a "genuwine" sheet of her own alien language scribblings, said language and textual bullshit having been "passed down" via "the legacy" to her from Mom, the pseudo-famous Betty Andreassen-Luca, of Ray Fowler's five (5! Count 'em!) volume, 25-year effort to document one of the more obvious hoaxed, unending, alien contactee cases ever written about. And, it's almost all just delusional, cynical bullshit by "believers" (in money, illusion, and "celebrity") and to exploit the alien/ufo meme-matrix extant.

Welcome to the impending new-age extraterrestrial religions. The brass plate touch is gold, just like Joseph Smith's Mormom "plates of gold" from the angel "Moroni," a telling nym if there ever was one.

And, as far as I'm concerned, it's almost all absolute horseshit, imho. And I've done extensive research and know some of the crucial inside skinny on cases just like this, and like the Andreassen hoax.

I'm no skeptibunkie (thank you, Mr. Lehmberg), having had a couple strange, ineffable, inexplicable experiences myself (dating back as far as nearly 35 years ago, including a multiple-witness case as just one personal case example), but I sure am tired (maybe, that's part of the intended psyopian purpose) of those individuals and orgs that create and trade in this garbage as if it were somehow "real" for the audience of "consumers" they presume are out there to exploit, manipulate, disintertain, and otherwise waste our time and the net bandwidth on, busily producing so much of this chaff that the essential but buried wheat or signal within the noise, and pattern within the chaos, which _does_ exist, is increasingly lost or obscured within the storm of lies.

This inevitable, ongoing process really does no one serious about this field any damn good at all--in fact it's destructive and either an intentional or absurdist diversion and awful, lying game-playing for fun and profit, of various kinds and purposes, or maybe just simply human nature, but, Damn it, Jim, I really am wearied by and angry about it, but the only thing I can do is call it when I see it, and otherwise avoid it by only seeking out and dealing with real, honestly presented data, just like any serious researcher or academic would.

Fuck the "debris field" and it's manufacturers. They have no class, sophistication, or basic integrity, and I have to ask how such people can live with themselves, unless they are so deluded and/or cynical in intent that it does not matter to them a whit (as in strieberism).

Godammit, Jim, I get so fatigued by the "dismemeber-ing" of this area of endeavor, but I guess it comes with the blasted territory. But I sure do wish outlets like the anomalist,, alien worlds magazine news, and other "legit" ufo-related web based info outlets would do even minimal vetting to reduce the shit storm of confabulation, lying, fabrication, and jokey "well, the story was just too good not to pass along" mentality--or, "I'm just the medium or the messenger, not the hoaxer" rationalistic idealogues who are obviously helping promote and pollute the data stream. I mean, can't some degree of basic filtering come into play? Meh on them, too.

Where, oh where, said the Joker to the mind-theives, is the Batman of sanity who only provides, as much as can clearly be determined, articles and data of serious, well-done, and/or checkable and authentic origin and sourcing??? Is that too much to ask? Perhaps. But I guess I'd like to either think otherwise, or encourage some better discrimination be applied.

I guess I should start a blog and website to provide and filter same, but then I think, eh, is it even worth it, considering the appetite for disinfotainment these days? Serious ufo books always undersell the fabulist ones.

'Pity the "children," for they know not what they do.' And if they _do,_ well fuck 'em for doing so. I'll have to do some deep thinking, but upon contemplative reconsideration, I will bet there is in fact at least a need and an appetite for better quality of info, much better sourced, footnoted, and vetted, and if one does not arise soon, may begin one myself. Project #347,213...

But, I would argue there are always avenues for alternatives and higher-quality media of this sort than currently seems to exist (as far as I know--if you know better, and know of sources on the net that do a really good job at this, please note here to let us know), yet as to whether it could be sustained or provide enough essential financial support or obtain backing of same, to really grow and develop, remains to be seen. But I think it essential to get at some semblance of "the truth" about ufos/uaps and their possible relevance to the study and hardcore investigation of what actual forms of non-human intelligence and consciousness may exist.

Maybe I'll just have to indulge my prediliction for truth, honesty, and the "earthian way" via screeds and lengthy blog comments like this one in the meantime. For those, like perhaps Mac, who may not feel comfortable with my manner or means, you can always let me know that I should either step back or step off. But I would hope serious people who read and understand what I'm advocating can separate the signal from the noise.

Over and out, for now.

mister ecks said...

this cat needs his own blog;)

rorschach said...

Dude, I guess I should get one, eh?

Oh, and say hello to those flying sausages for me. 8^}