Tuesday, May 06, 2008

30 Years Of Man's Life Disappear In Mysterious 'Kansas Rectangle'

As haunting as his story may be, Kevin Corcoran is only one of hundreds of people who, for unknown reasons, have had years or even decades of their lives utterly fade away in the mystifying region. Still, most cases lack any hard evidence: The few known photos from inside the Rectangle show only a flat, blank emptiness, stretching unremarkably to the horizon.



Anonymous said...

And just for those reasons alone you should probably, if you can, avoid that area. When I was very young my family drove in a car through that region on the way west and I remember my dad driving very fast and refusing to even stop for a much needed bathroom break. I guess, even then the reputation of the place was well known.


Mac said...

For all its faults, Lawrence, KS is surprisingly fun.

Toto said...

I suspect the lesson of this humorous piece is that someday, even though "there's no place like home," it would behoove you to try to journey to the "land of Oz," before you grow too old or encumbered, at least once, to see how different living elsewhere might be. You might find a whole new reality. If not, you can always return to the farm and Aunt Em. 8^}

Anonymous said...

The article about the man who has been missing for 30 years after entering the geographical space of the "Kansas rectangle" is very interesting.

Ironically enough, I have never heard of the term the "Kansas rectangle" although I have lived in Topeka, Kansas(which is within the "Kansas rectangle").

This being said, I believe that God is in control of all things and has had what has happened happen for His reasons. And, I believe that if it was God's will any human could disappear in any part of this world. Mind, I think that Topeka, Kansas is a particularly creepy place, and all the more creepy for myself who has read the Bible which has stated that Satan's number is "666", and only in Topeka, Kansas does the postal code start with "666".