Sunday, May 04, 2008

Boring blog news:

No, I haven't tired of the new masthead; I've merely put it in storage while I devise a way to display it properly. (I'm pretty sure I know how, too -- but if I keep experimenting I'll be up half the night with relatively little to show for it except, possibly, mutilated HTML.)

So in the meantime I'm reverting to the Blogger's sky-blue default banner. But rest assured something better's on the way.

(Thanks to Blues Tea-Cha for the not inconsiderable help.)

Update: I've reinstated the resized gray masthead (for now).


Blues Tea-Cha said...

Didn't realize you had commented in the blueberry-tester but now I've turned on e-mail notification.

BTW, the macsblog640 jpg fits very nicely in the gray FOOTER of your page if you have something new in mind for your header-banner.

Mac said...

Good idea, but I think I'll leave the footer alone. (After all, there's a good "Blade Runner" quote there!)

Blues Tea-Cha said...

I agree that it's hard to beat the Roy Baty (?) quote --which I *had* noticed. You *can* put more than one widget in the footer, however, and the gray of that jpg actually fits and blends in there better than it does in the header. It's only if you end up using something different in the header, that, being too good to waste, macsblog640 could live on in the footer. Just a thought.

Well, I hope you found the final 41-pixel html solution I posted. It gives you control of the header by the right positioning of the right-sized file. The other copy-gif solution was kinda subconsciously assuming it would be possible to remove the underlying gif, but I figure it's better to leave it working underneath, assuming (1) you like the border shadow and the one-pixel-wide gray line tooth-picking into the top, and (2) you want to stay consistent with the width of the blog body and not break out and go widescreen up there (I think you said that).

Golden Week (kind of a national spring break) is over in Japan, so if I go offline for a while, good luck with that! I'll Css you in HtmL!