Friday, May 02, 2008

Cutting-Edge Cardboard Interior in Greece

Dubbed "Papercut", the project was a collaboration between the fashion designer and dARCH Studio. It takes a multidisciplinary approach to interior design, synthesizing elements of fashion and architecture into a streamlined, self-illuminated, biomorphic installation that was handmade using all eco-friendly materials.


intense said...

I wonder what kind of tools they're using to shape the surfaces of the laminated cardboard layers into that organic wall treatment? I'd like to see a speeded up video showing how that is actually done (and what the cost is).

intense said...

Read the text captions on the additional photos, and it said cost was 2500 Euros, used 150 layers of "re-purposed" cardboard packing boxes, shaped by cutting and glueing each "strip"--sounds like something that might have been drawn in a computer graphics program. Sounds pretty labor intensive if the shape is built up a layer at a time.

You could, I guess, create a template for laser-cutting each layer to create the undulating edge-surface appearance with any variety of shelving spaces cut in.

Wonder what it feel like over time living in or working in such an "environmental treatment."