Monday, May 05, 2008

The Keyhoe Report relates new findings regarding the death of Robert Sarbacher and the bizarre tale reported by Whitley Strieber in "Breakthrough."

The truly interesting part? While Strieber's credibility takes a rather powerful hit, the case for clandestine governmental interest in UFO research is bolstered by an unanticipated source. A must.


Justin said...

Holy shlamoly, it never ends, does it?

Hey, the son mentions that: "They had to have technology that creates a field around the ship, that makes the inside 100% separated from all inertia and gravity..."

One more reason why "Explorers" should have been on your 10 ten list of first contact films!

intense said...

"As Robert [Dr. Sarbacher's son] makes clear, his father died in a hospital, in his sleep, from a weakened heart caused by emphysema..."

Gee, so further evidence that Whitley Strieber is a pathological liar? Why am I not surprised?

As for Sarbacher's son, I suspect his dear old dad may have told him a few tall tales--Sarbacher was on the periphery of US government UFO investigations, with no direct involvement, despite the self-aggrandizing, fabricated claims of Strieber. What Sarbacher knew was hearsay, and at least second-hand.

His story about cameras being fitted to the nose of missiles to launch at UFO's seems pretty damned far-fetched, IMHO. I also doubt very much if Dr. Sarbacher had an IQ of 230, since that would make him one in several hundred million, and that level of IQ is generally not accurately measurable by any known tests.

I would take the son's statements, as noted on The Keyhoe Report, with more than a few grains of salt.