Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artist Treats Gdansk to "Real" Fake Flashing UFO Encounter

Created in collaboration with New York artist Peter Coffin, the 23-feet aluminum UFO is covered with 3,000 individually controlled Color Kinetics LED nodes, and gets its power from an on-board 6kw generator. And get this: you really can "phone home" with this UFO, as its displays are remote-controllable via SMS messaging.

Sound cool? Wait until you watch the clip . . .

The only downside to that the "UFO" is suspended from a helicopter (not seen in the footage above). But hey -- the conspiratorially inclined will simply incorporate this into the description of their sighting: "It was a disabled saucer, dig, and a military chopper was escorting it."

In any event, wow.

(Thanks to Steve S. for the tip.)

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