Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Outquisition

It sounds implausibly weird, but then much of the world we're moving into is likely to sound that way at first. Our ideas of what's normal, or even what's possible, will not outlast the next decade, and it'll be the people who think in (what are by today's standards) abnormal, impossible ways who may just do the most good.

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intense said...

Wow! Post-apocalyptic contingency planning for non-urban survival. Very interesting post.

Now this is the kind of speculative, futurist piece I appreciate--serious thinking about how to possibly deal with the potential consequences of the slow collapse of American infrastructure, with an optimistic twist. A game plan to "fight for the future," whatever it may turn out to be, and although I'm not sure how practical it might actually be, at least it's being given some genuine consideration.

Also, check out the site that is mentioned as the source for the illustration used to visually highlight this article, freakangels.com, an online, weekly graphic novel serial, about a post-apocalyptic London resulting from the equivalent of something a group of transhuman mutant/psychic "Midwich Cuckoos"* did (if they had survived) to bring about a rather different reality to earth in order to defend their continued existence, but which has disastrous consequences for the "normals" they co-exist with in a drowned world of dystopian British steampunkopia!

Right up your alley, Mac--*John Wyndham cross-bred with J.G. Ballard, along with an intriguing plot line and great graphics. Well worth the read, imho. Good stuff!