Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"My man likes something unexpected now and then. That's why I serve rice."


Tony F. said...

Very true! And when you're a week from starting a new job and you don't have any money, a little rice goes a looong way.

After next week, if I ever eat rice again it'll be a cold day in hell.

intense r. sardonicus said...

I personally found this old advert highly intriguing, as it fondly reminded me of a meal I once shared with a former, rather near-sighted, girlfriend of mine--she, too, used to like something unexpected now and then, so when I served her a bowl of live, wriggling, fat white-bodied termites, and told her it was rice, I was somewhat surprised when she, after the first bite, abruptly put on her glasses, and yet she still just could not see how amusingly unexpected my romantic ploy was intended as. I still have an attractively deep facial scar from that blissful evening. Ah, romance! 8^}