Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boeing Building Biggest Helicopter Ever

A combination of an aerostatic-lift aircraft and a helicopter, the JHL-40 will be a "neutrally buoyant" aircraft that, like today's airships, features a helium-filled balloon (known in the industry as an "envelope"). In addition, it will have four helicopter-style rotors for vertical lift, and computer graphics of the planned aircraft show it also fitted with ducted propellers to propel the JHL-40 horizontally.

Something about this behemoth just appeals to me. I suppose it's because it looks plausibly steampunk (disregarding the small matter of its not actually using steam as propellant, which would be cool indeed).

And any proposed vehicle that might plausibly be mistaken for an alien spaceship can't be that bad.


Justin said...

"Grandmother, what big helicopters you have!"

"All the better to squeeze the remaining resources out of the Earth with, my dear."

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It looks impressive but I think that they should check about weight consumption of fuel Because something like that. It can consume so much fuel.