Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hubble Kaleidoscope Finds Evidence Of Space Looking All Crazy

The object chamber, located on the end that gathers and focuses incoming light from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as the infrared and ultraviolet continua, is filled with 10,000 pounds of marbles, costume jewelry, beads, and the largest bits of colored glass ever produced.

"This new data will forever change how we look at the cosmos," said Stetler, who admitted he was "amazed" to learn that all galaxies rotate in a counterclockwise direction and never look the same way twice. "Before this, we couldn't even see the Lagoon Nebula, but now we are capable of detecting up to 254 constantly changing fractal versions of it at once. The further we probe the depths of space, the better we might understand just how vastly bonkers it looks."

God, how I love The Onion.


so intensely confused... said...

That's the Hubble Space Kaleidoscopte, Mac, or the HSK.

The use of proper terminiology ehwn discussing such momemtous new discroveries is improtant when describknig the variegated imageriy.

I quote the most sifngingant finding so far: "they've acquired the first concrete evidence that the universe is in a constant state of total weirdness." I would croncur, as what else are we to do in this vastly muddled situation?

Over to you now, Chauncy. Your impressions of this latest new space toy for adult astronomers?

linus r. said...

very intense and 60's era perspective.... the Hubble Kaleidoscope and all the Microsoft Windows Media Player visualizations are sophisiticated refinements of an age of innocence and imagination that now exits more appropriately in another place....