Thursday, July 17, 2008

Behold! I have a new "Loving the Alien" column posted at Futurismic.


linus r. said...

here is an unbelievable oddity of japanese 50's sci-fi:

Toonies: what do you think of these guys?? Prof. Rucker just can't seem to get away from them....

Mac said...

Rucker has a thing for underwater life. Can't say I blame him, as many of them epitomize the pop-culture conception of the "alien."

intense said...


Um, is that like, "Behold! Something fantastic has arisen!" (as a precursor to some wondrous discovery or invention being announced)

Or, like in the beginning of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," where the mad scientist pronounces "Behold!" to his hapless lab assistant just before, for example, removing his assistant's brain for dramatic effect?

(I hear there is a difference in emphasis between each usage of the term, but that it is entirely up to the user of same, depending on which context applies.)
Heh. Behold! Yeah, I like that. 8^}

Seriously, I thought your column on "Listening to the greys" was one of your better, more expansive discussions of the stereotypical grey memette, as another of the ontological metaphors we may be hanging our post-cold war fear-based "future hats" of concern and anxiety upon. But, then, I don't think they're real, either, so what they do signify, and mean, within the collective mythic consciousness is of some curiousity and need for a more definitive answer as to what "they" might be or be originated by, if not by ourselves.

Mac said...

Glad you liked it!