Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moller International's M200G Jetson flying vehicle goes on sale in 2009

The two passenger saucer shaped aircraft can take-off and land vertically, is the size of a small automobile, operates vibration free with little noise and is also qualified to travel short distances on the ground as an automobile as well.

It's not a "real" flying car, but I like it.


Anonymous said...

As I understand it, this craft will be propelled ten feet off the ground at around seventy-five miles per hour. But, no where does it mention its handling characteristics or braking distances. So, if it flips at seventy-five or even thirty-five I guess you just leave a trail of ground beef on the ground for a few hundred feet. I always wanted a flying car, but I don't think this is the one.


intense said...

Moller International, Inc., is one confabulous company--they've been saying for over 20 years now they're about 2 years away from production. So, I wouldn't hold my breath about this latest announcement having any genuine validity. They've burned through many millions of investor cash since 1983, and still have nothing viable to show for it.

Now, the "Jetson" M200G model is allegedly going on sale sometime next year. But, there's no firm price--you see, they intend to sell "production" vehicles "only by international auction" and that "A potential bidder can become a 'candidate qualified to bid' by establishing his or her ability to meet the $150,000 reserve. No deposit will be required until a successful bid occurs. Qualified participants will be advised on a regular basis as to the Jetson’s production status and its anticipated auction schedule."

Gosh, so no info on number of production vehicles that will be available, no firm price, and you have to become a qualified "candidate" to even bid on the vehicle when and if it actually becomes available, with an expected minimum reserve price of $150,000. For a "toy" flying saucer that is software controlled not to exceed 10 feet off the ground holding only one person (max. capacity: 250 lbs)--Wow! What a hellacious bargain!

What kind of idiot would even consider getting into one of these deathtraps, even if they were dumb enough to be able to pay $150,000+ for the "privilege" to do so?

I think the reference above to a "trail of ground beef" in the event of a flip over is most apt. This is no "skycar"--it's a bad joke, and, actually, a very long-term scam, imho.

Mac said...

Will the fun-killing never cease?