Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm writing this in a hotel in Laramie, WY -- which, frustratingly, is out of my cellphone network. Twittering will be sporadic at best until I leave for Wisconsin in a couple days.

Much of today was spent shooting at a mountaintop observatory. Since I haven't shared the screen with anyone yet, my job so far has mostly been posing for "establishing" shots and otherwise wandering around attempting to look at least moderately contemplative.

The scenery is incredible. Naturally, everyone's been taking pictures. Expect a fairly extended photo-essay when I get back.


Anonymous said...

You are in Laremie?


intense said...

So, Mac, since you haven't mentioned it before, can you tell us just what the documentary you're involved in is about?

Is it SETI-related, or what?

Mac said...

Leo Sprinkle -- IN THE HOUSE!

intense said... I guess the subject of the documentary is confidential for now?

(I just thought it odd that you would mention being gone for awhile, working on a documentary, but not saying anything about the subject of it, even after I asked. Seemed like an obvious question...)

Mac said...


I'm not trying to be vague; Net access has been hard to come by and I just haven't had time to elaborate. Simple as that.

Yes, it's a SETI-related documentary (which should air in Cananda in January).

Now off to bed.