Thursday, February 05, 2009


Readers who follow the "Majestic 12" document controversy might have puzzled over my inclusion in a recent email newsletter promoting the book "Majic Eyes Only." The newsletter features a quote from an early Posthuman Blues blog entry, then segues into a most unsubtle advertisement for a health supplement.

Although it's not explicitly stated, the implication is that I endorse either "Majic Eyes Only" or the supplement when, in fact, I endorse neither. I wasn't contacted prior to the ad's release and have nothing to do with either of the products in question. Further, I'm not affiliated with the Majestic Documents site in any capacity.

Just so you know.


Tristan Eldritch said...

Well, you might not advocate the existance of Majestic 12, but why not give the health supplement a go?

Mac said...

I have a suspicion there's a bigger chance the MJ-12 documents are more legit than the supplement. ;-)

Intense said...

Both are frauds.

Mac said...