Saturday, May 06, 2006

Council for a Positive Future

Almost all astronauts attest to the wonder of seeing the Earth in full detailed reality, against that black backdrop. The new space entrepreneurs promise to take thousands of ordinary people into that realm as space tourists, perhaps starting as early as next year. How many will come back changed and inspired, ready to make a positive difference for the future?

Send me! Send me!

Developing sustainable space settlements requires the most stringent recycling requirements imaginable, to minimize the need to keep importing materials from Earth, or the waste of energy within the colony. The people here working on space elevators are inspiring developments in nanotechnology, robotics, and wireless power transmission. Solar power gathered directly in space has long held enormous promise, if we could get launch costs, solar panel costs, and those wireless transmission costs down to reasonable levels. Each of these developments promises vast benefits well beyond the immediate application.

For the love of god, send me!


Paul Kimball said...

Can I tag along?


Mac said...

If Zorgrot allows.

W.M. Bear said...

I used to think that I'd thrive in an off-world colony (especially on Mars). But then, one day, I got to thinking seriously and in materialistic detail what daily life in such a colony would actually be like. I recommend this as an extremely enlightening exercise for anyone who thinks they're so inclined. One would, in effect, be sentenced to remain INDOORS for life. I like roaming through the woods and generally taking the air too much to any more want to go somewhere where there isn't any (or not much, at any rate).