Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good news: I will be flying to Los Angeles later this month. I must have caught Fate on an off-day.

Never having been to California, I'm pretty excited. After all, "Blade Runner" takes place in LA. And there's this actress my host wants me to meet, and this stuffed duck, and . . . well, it's a long story.

The important thing is that I'm getting out of the Midwest, which has been grating on my nerves lately. Nothing against Kansas City, which I like, but too long in the same place produces what fellow Missourian William Burroughs aptly termed "stasis horrors": the bugs-under-the-skin feeling of dying a prolonged geographical death.


Chris said...

Well, any self-respecting Blade Runner fan who finds themselves in LA MUST visit the Bradbury building in the old downtown. It's been restored to a beautiful condition after many years of neglect, and is quite beautiful!

Mac said...


I would *love* to check out the Bradbury. I remember reading about its remodel not long ago. Wow!