Monday, May 29, 2006

Mars robots to get smart upgrade

Quite why we need to look at pictures of clouds, when there are prefectly good craft orbiting Mars that can better analyse them, is anyone's guess, but the dust-storms will be of interest, as it is these that are thought to be responsible for clearing the dust and debris from the Rovers' solar panels, thus greatly extending their operational lives.

On the downside, this new upgrade to the Rovers' software might mean they miss other photo opportunities on the ground - after all, in the event of coming across anomalous surface features, how is a Rover to image them if its cameras are constantly pointed up at the sky?

A good question indeed.

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W.M. Bear said...

And Remote Central continues:

Also due for an ugrade is the Mars Odyssey orbiter, which will similarly be instructed to look for sudden changes on the surface, including watching for ice clouds, this time from above, unnecessarily duplicating the work of the Rovers. Or maybe it's just an effort to supress anomalous images from being sent back here, leaving them onboard to be quietly downloaded for the viewing pleasure of a very select few. Such anomalies might include alien, or even better, human artifacts, ruined architecture, or extant biology that defies current understanding.

Clearly then, we are not going to be permitted to see anything from Mars that might be deemed unfit for public consumption
, a situation that might see the birth of a new breed of hackers, capable of accessing hidden data aboard secretive satellites, hopefully willing and able to share their finds with the rest of us.

Bolding mine, for emphasis. And the reason I emphasize this particular speculation is that it's one that I've repeatedly stated both here and elsewhere. Personally, I think there are secret aspects to all the recent NASA Mars missions and that these secret aspects do have to do with the nature of the "anomalies" that have so far been discovered there, as well as also, possibly, extant multicellular life-forms. Given what we know about human nature (especially after observing the deceptive workings of the current administration in Washington, D.C.), why does this kind of speculation seem so far-fetched to most people?