Saturday, May 13, 2006

If the "cryptoterrestrials" I've been blogging about are real and indeed "living among us" (or at least secluded in enclaves), they must have a sense of ethics, a guiding morality. Or at least it's comforting to think so.

The simple fact that they haven't taken over the planet could be proof that they harbor no genocidal grudge. But it could just as easily mean that they need us, either for our genes or for esoteric reasons. But this kicks up its own share of questions.

If they're underpopulated and need humans to refresh their gene-pool, forsaking secrecy and claiming the planet on their own terms would allow their population to expand to viable proportions. We'd no longer be needed. So why are we allowed to continue to exist? By almost any ecological standard, we're terrible neighbors. Do they feel sorry for us? Are they convinced that, through careful psychological engineering, they can improve our "relationship" (albeit without our consent), thus steering the biosphere from the brink of collapse?

Or are they even now eyeing our endeavors with mounting alarm and suspicion? Will there ever come a point that brings the CTs out of hiding -- if only to turn the tables on their uneasy truce with our civilization?

Perhaps they'd like to but can't. The evidence suggests they're accomplished illusionists and insidiously clever strategists endowed with abilities once ascribed to the domain of magic. But they give little indication of violence, at least in a military sense. Perhaps their technology, remarkable as it is, isn't conducive to the kind of effort required to invade and conquer; indeed, with our nuclear missiles and arsenal of "black ops" aircraft, we might pose a considerable threat to them. Like the vampires in Whitley Strieber's "The Hunger," the CTs might be a race in decline. Stealth, it seems, comes with a price: the lack of infrastructure we take for granted.

Maybe the CTs have no real plans for overt colonization. We tend to project our own tendencies onto "aliens"; if we were in their place, we'd inevitably feel subjugated, even claustrophobic. Inevitably, at least some of us would choose to fight back, even if our efforts were desperate and feeble. But the CTs remain strangely pacifist. Either they really are at the mercy of our omnipresent postindustrial society or they have plans in store that we have yet to discern.

In "The Threat," David Jacobs argues that alien hybrids will ultimately reign, with humans reduced to a secondary role. One could reasonably argue that the CTs are waging a long-term war of attrition, slowly but methodically creating an army of hybrids to inherit and transform the human world. But folkloric evidence begs us to look in other directions. If "they" merely wanted the planet they could have taken it from us long ago, before the invention of doomsday weapons and modern surveillance technology. Instead, they seem to have left us to take our own route -- or at least leave us with this impression.

Given that they're content to remain marginal, we must consider that we're more than a reserve of DNA. The CTs must have other, less pragmatic, motives. Witness accounts offer tantalizing hints that the CTs are at least as intrigued by our minds as they are dependent on our genes. If so, we could be more than we think we are.

The CTs could be reaping an invisible harvest grown in the fertile soil of Mind itself. Limited to short-term agendas and materialistic obsessions, we wouldn't necessarily notice. But if the CTs' penchant for psychodrama persists through the next century -- and so far it shows no signs of stopping -- we just might catch a more expansive look at their goals.

But will we like what we see?


Paul Kimball said...

Mac: "But will we like what we see?"

Paul: "Depends - do they look like Scarlett Johansson, or Barbara Bush?"


Mac said...

Well, the one Villas-Boas saw could have been worse.

Paul Kimball said...


It's the one reason I've always had a soft spot for the Meier hoax - at least his aliens were hot, as opposed to the little grey bastards that have been in vogue for the past 20 years or so.


W.M. Bear said...

Mac -- These are some very thought-provoking speculations. I like your ideas about "CT's" very much. One thought, though. (You maybe thought there wouldn't be?) Assuming (for the sake of argument if nothing else) the real existence of CTs, how CAN we determine what their possible motivations in playing the game of psychic hide-and-go-seek that they would seem to be playing with human beings? Asking them directly is evidently not necessarily the way to determine this, since the kinds of "answers" they routinely fob off on abductees tend to strike one as being composed of about 99% bullshit and 1% good shit. (I'm thinking of some of the "save the planet" -- from ecological and other disasters -- type preachy stuff that several of Mack's cases, as well as many others have received -- not that it's not valid just not terribly helpful, since intelligent human beings can see this for ourselves pretty clearly anyway.) That CTs may be trying to create a new race of "hybrids" strikes me as actually being one of the more logical speculations in this area. If this is the case, we might actually be able to determine (by conducting psychological surveys of "breeder abductees," etc.) what TYPE of human being they are looking to breed with. If we could discover what breeder abductees really have in common, we might make some truly insightful discoveries about their abductORs.

W.M. Bear said...

Also, by way of connecting CTs with elves and like creatures of folklore, elves were indeed once notorious for siring children on human women. "Elfin" children were often readily identified as such (both by appearance and behavior) and, unfortunately, often ended up as social pariahs. (Female elves also mated with human males, but the progeny tended to be born and live among the elves themselves and, in fact, be accepted as "elven" rather than human -- in marked contrast to the fate of their brothers and sisters rejected by human beings among whom they were born.)

Mac said...

That CTs may be trying to create a new race of "hybrids" strikes me as actually being one of the more logical speculations in this area.

It's the most obviously inferred (granted that the abductee literature contains *some* truth). I was extremely wary of accepting it literally -- and still am, to a point -- but once we dispense with the ET mythos it starts to make sense.

As to what type of person the CTs might be attempting to engineer, I think we're still in the dark. Part of me would like to say something cheesy like "a more spiritual, enlightened person," but I really doubt it's that simple.

Emperor said...

Good thought-provoking stuff as usual.

You said:

We tend to project our own tendencies onto "aliens"

And I think we should try not to fall into the trap of thinking too "human" or trying to view what theya re up to from our own perspective. We may be being too anthropocentric about the whole:

1. What if they aren't here for us at all - Douglas Adams harpooned this one back in the day.

2. If we assume they are then need we think they have one motive? There are dozens (possibly hundreds) of different "aliens" being reported doing all sorts fo things, quite a few of which are contradictory (and the majority of which are utterly baffling).

W.M. Bear said...

And, of course, my inevitable caption for the comic cover:

"Wait a minute, dad! I think they're just fucking with us."

Emperor said...

And the Dad is shouting back over his shoulder:

"I don't care son - I hear they use anal probes!!"

W.M. Bear said...

LOL! That's a goodie.

Mac said...