Monday, May 08, 2006

I have a light work-week, so I'm going to hit the library. I'm in the mood for "The Hollow Earth," a Rudy Rucker novel I began several years ago but never finished -- although lately I've found it difficult to sit down and read others' work because of my allegiance to the cryptoterrestrial book.

Yesterday I visited my cats, presently in the custody of my former girlfriend while I get my "meatspace" existence back in order. On the way home I stopped by a garden and took pictures, which the network just now let me email to myself. I'll post them later. Right now I'm once again taking advantage of -- er, using -- the computers at a coffeeshop where I find myself spending entirely too much time.

Anyway, the day is still young. I'm gettin' out of here, me.

Listening to: Enya, Vangelis, U2, R.E.M., Moby, David Bowie

Song of the day: "Life Is A Pigsty" (Morrissey)


Paul Kimball said...


Good call with "Life is a Pigsty" - I'm listening to it right now. It might be the best cut on the album, and it stands up to the best of his work with The Smiths.


Mac said...

"Pigsty" is a genuine emotional epic up there with "Speedway."

Paul Kimball said...

The whole album is gold - the more I listen to it, the more I think it may be Moz's best solo work (or at least his second best - "Your Arsenal" is tough to beat). "On the Streets I Ran", "To Me You Are a Work of Art", "Life is a Pigsty", "You Have Killed Me" and "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" are the standout tracks for me.


Mac said...

I like it better than "Arsenal." Hell, I like it more than "Vauxhall." And it's at least as good as "Quarry." I think it's his most compelling since "Viva Hate."

(Apologies to non-Morrissey fans who are probably scratching their heads at this point.)

Paul Kimball said...


Never apologize to a non-Morrissey fan. They don't deserve it!

Arsenal's strength for me was that it rocked through and through, which is usually the Morrissey stuff that I like best. Vauxhall was good, but not great. You Arsenal was a welcome return to form, but I think Ringleaders is even stronger.

Have you ever listened to any of Johnny Marrs' post-Smiths work, particularly Johnny Marr + The Healers? "Boomslang" (2003) wasn't bad at all, and also featured Zak Starkey, Ringo's kid, on drums, which was a nice synchronicity between two of my three all-time favourite groups (U2 being the 3rd).


Mac said...

I'll have to give them a shot. The last I knew Marr was in a group called "Electronic."

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