Friday, May 12, 2006

Weird disease outbreak of the day:

Doctors puzzled over bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

"These people will have like beads of sweat but it's black, black and tarry," said Ginger Savely, a nurse practioner in Austin who treats a majority of these patients.

Patients get lesions that never heal.

"Sometimes little black specks that come out of the lesions and sometimes little fibers," said Stephanie Bailey, Morgellons patient.

Patients say that's the worst symptom -- strange fibers that pop out of your skin in different colors.

"He'd have attacks and fibers would come out of his hands and fingers, white, black and sometimes red. Very, very painful," said Lisa Wilson, whose son Travis had Morgellon's disease.


Anonymous said...

I tried to read the rest of the story, but it seems that it isn't there any longer. However, I am sure that I have read it before, remembering the part about the black tar in the sweat, something that I have never heard of in any other article about Morgellons Disease. The part about the fibers being in your skin, however, is very common and very true, of most everyone that believes they have Morgellons Disease.
You see, I have this wierd, hellish disease. It is a living that should only be on some strange, sci-fi channel, not happening in the real world, in over 14,000 families (and that is only the number of families with one or more members, and usually MORE, that have registered their complaints online with the Morgellons Research Foundation).I believe that number is much, much higher. I have had this nightmare of a disease for about 3+ yrs now (actually 3 yrs, 3 months, and 3 weeks today) but it has probably been lying dormant in my body for much longer.
It is finally being investigated by the CDC, after knowing about it for some time. After senators and Congress pushed the issue, they finally began an investigation, though I am doubting that when the truth comes out, it will really be the truth. If you read about "chemtrails", and GMO's (genetically modified organisms), you will question whether the possibility that this disease was created or caused by man. There are too many bizarre symptoms, that one can hardly believe themsselves, let alone share with the doubting onlooker.
It seems strange to me that it took about a week for pharmaceutical companies to come up with a vaccine for the "pandemic" flu, and even stranger that the CDC had to be forced into an investigation of Morgellons Disease, and would accept no help or information from those scientists who had already done some research. I just find it amazing that a few people get sick from bad spinach, and a big announcement and investigation begins, but 14,000+ families get Morgellons, and it gets ignored until forced to look into it, and not too much is said about its contagious nature,(affecting people and pets) or any of the debillitating symptoms, and the so-called investigation started almost 2 yrs ago, with no end in sight...or is end in sight?...
By the way, I am from the little town in KY, where they saw the little green men...that is how I stumbled upon this site...looking to see if anyone else believed they had Morgellons Disease, in Hopkinsville, KY.

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