Wednesday, May 17, 2006

London: the climate crisis (Bruce Sterling)

"Sunshine Garden," an adorable euphemism for the fact that Britons can no longer plant the same things in their gardens that their parents did. Why? No rain. No irrigation, either. "Sunshine." Lots of that. Perhaps the Sahara could be re-dubbed the "Sunshine District."


Tim Jones said...

Some of us in the UK are constantly amazed at how a relatively small set of islands surrounded by a seemingly boundless ocean, could ever run out of water - nevertheless, a recently issued Drought Warning means that soon we could be standing in line at the street stand-pipe, unleashing the ultimate nightmare of spending much more time, on a daily basis, in close proximity with our neighbours. Have a great trip to LA!

Mac said...

Thanks, Tim! I leave tomorrow afternoon. (I have to admit to a grim fascination with the UK water shortage.)