Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fate permitting, I might be making an expense-paid trip to Los Angeles later this month. Sort of a paranormal gonzo journalism gig. The problem, as always, is making sure this jaunt is compatible with my schedule, which means attempting to negotiate with Fate. Unfortunately, Fate's not too keen on me; he/she/it takes a generally dim view of my endeavors and seems to genuinely enjoy grinding me into the mud whenever possible. You might say Fate has some major unresolved issues.

So I'm contemplating the unthinkable. I'm considering leaving Fate behind, keeping he/she/it out of the loop. After all, I'm sure Fate's got a busy agenda -- perhaps busy enough for me to slip under its radar. Just this once.


Paul Kimball said...


Hmm... perhaps you and I can get together if we're both in LA LA land at the same time?


mister ecks said...

lol, fo a minute i thought you were referring to Fate the magazine!

Mac said...


"Fate" is marginally entertaining, but I try not to let it rule my life ;-)