Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I just dashed out a modified proposal for my cryptoterrestrial book. (Apparently I have the same agent as Whitley Strieber, which is heartening as "Communion" garnered a seven-figure advance.) Of course, things are up in the air right now. I see no way, for example, that my ruminations on indigenous humanoids are going to make me a millionaire. But I do think I have something worth saying, if for no other reason than the interest the subject's provoked here at Posthuman Blues.

It also looks like I'll be moving into a new place soon. Nothing fancy, but at least I'll have a proper office. And my cats, who my former girlfriend has been gracious enough to take care of.

I've all but lost my voice, which doesn't bode particularly well for my radio appearance on the 3rd. So I'm drinking hot tea and sucking lozenges like there's no tomorrow -- and since I work tomorrow, I suppose there really isn't.


W.M. Bear said...

To prevent laryngitis (and help it heal faster), try the following "cocktail" of vitamins and other supplements:

Vitamin C (at least 4,000 mg. daily, ideally more. You can't O.D. -- I take 6K mg per. The stuff really works as advertised but you have to take a TON!)
Vitamin E (for synergy with C, 1,200 mg -- You CAN O.D. on E, so don't take too much more than this.)
Zinc -- Great preventative of colds, etc., especially when taken in conjunction with C. I take about 150 mg Z per day.
Echinacea/Golden Seal Root, -- Vary this. Take a lot if you HAVE a cold/laryngitis/etc. or have been exposed. Otherwise, one or two capsules daily on alternate weeks (i.e., caps for a week, then none for the next week, etc. -- this evidently produces the greatest effectiveness)
A good multivitamin -- This for general health which makes you more resistant.

Also, eat out as little as possible. Eating food that's been handled by someone with a bug is one of the most common ways of catching a bug.

To prevent ex-girlfriends...well, sorry, can't help you there!

W.M. Bear said...

Oh, and garlic, lots and lots of garlic -- take gelcaps if you don't want "garlic" breath. I swallow several K mg. of garlic gelcaps per day too.

Mac said...

It may be too late for me, WMB. I feel like utter crap. :-(

Paul Kimball said...


Just do what I always do - suck it up, and ride it out like a man.

And complain a lot. That always makes me feel better! :-)


W.M. Bear said...

It may be too late for me, WMB. I feel like utter crap. :-(

Mac -- It's never too late, especially for C. Vitamin C can really cut viral bouts like yours short and moderate the symptoms. Echinacea/Golden Seal (a 1-2 combo of the echinacea herb and golden seal root) also especially helps a lot during a bout as well as being a preventative. (Complaining, like Paul suggests, helps too but you've probably got that covered!)

panlives said...

Feel better soon.
As for millions of $$$ - write with the kind of insight and spark that we are seeing in all the buzz-generating threads on the topic of the cryptos and... anything might happen.
It takes that one book; the bolt out of the blue that taps the zeitgeist.

Mac said...

I'll supply the lightning. Just give me a publisher who'll let people see it.