Sunday, February 03, 2008

From the official site of the go-one³ human-powered car:

Why settle for a mundane, 3,000lb behemoth, even if it has an electric or hybrid power plant? What other vehicle can you "recharge" with a sports drink and a power bar? The go-one³ is truly a next-generation vehicle that you can own and enjoy today and not worry about where you are going to refuel it, how long it will take and how far you can go. The go-one³ is virtually limitless!

(Via RCU.)

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Anonymous said...

What a great new idea. I think they should give it a catchy name. How about something like "bicycle".
Can you imagine, if this catches on, kids all over the world will be riding bicycles. You might even some day see thousands of them on the streets of Shang Hai.