Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm in the debut issue of Alien Worlds Magazine:

One of the most original thinkers within the mystical and UFOlogical realms, Mac Tonnies gets verbally beaten up from time to time for daring to voice well constructed theories that fall outside the boundaries of accepted explanations for the unusual.

Well, someone has to pay for those espresso shots.

That's what you get for thinking outside the box. His first book, After the Martian Apocalypse, was an adroit and imaginative attempt to posit the existence of a previous, intelligent and now extinct civilization on Mars. The book drew attention to his writing and thinking earned him acknowledgement as an innovative and original theorist.

Unfortunately, it's also fucking out of print.

A committed transhumanist, like many before him he has started to look away from the heavens for an explanation for the anomalous and instead has turned his gaze inwards. In this interview, he reveals his thinking about a hidden presence among us; a parallel existence hamstrung by our dominance of this planet and wary of our actions. A presence that interacts, manipulates, and responds to what we do.

Coming to a newsstand near you! Demand it!


David Biedny said...

Mac, congrats on the new publishing venue, but you need to speak to the EIC about that logo design - it's as weak as can be, and I suspect that it will not attract much interest on newsstands.

Anonymous said...

I've read on Miller's site that the magazine will be available at Borders and Barnes & Noble, among other distribution channels, in the UK and Europe. Do you know what domestic outlets the magazine will be available through and when in the US?

Anonymous said...

Checked with both Borders and Barnes & Noble locally today, and neither of them have any indications that they will be carrying it. B & N suggested checking back in a month so see if they will be carrying it.

Elan said...

You have started to look away from the heavens, huh?
You heathen; you Earth-centric planetary racsist; you Godless Crypto Skull monger!

Justin said...

Are you really a "committed transhumanist"? Sometimes it's hard to tell through all the doom and gloom exactly where you stand.

Rafting Bear said...

Dude, your book was taken out of print because it was too true.

Doesn't matter. Sell it yourself in ebook format. Keep all the money and, more importantly, get the word out.

And feel free to read mine (for free)

Anonymous said...

"well constructed theories". Thats a laugh!

Mac said...


You heathen; you Earth-centric planetary racsist; you Godless Crypto Skull monger!

Guilty as charged!


I guess I'm a "committed transhumanist" in the sense that I sincerely think we're fucked unless we become something better than we are. Mutate or die.

Rafting Bear--

Thanks for the kind words *and* the link!


"well constructed theories". Thats a laugh!

Hey, *clever* insult! I can tell you put some skull-sweat into that one. Keep fighting the good fight.

Justin said...

Considering one has to be a cyborgian renaissance man just to get a basic grasp of the enormity of the modern dilemma, you may be right.

Lead the way, Mac!

Mac said...

Lead the way, Mac!

Good lord. Now *that's* a tall order!

Justin said...

Don't worry, I was mostly joking.

As a memetically fragmented species I don't think we currently have the necessary empathy, honesty, maturity, patience and wisdom to enact any techno fixes that don't cause at least as many problems as they might solve (Unit 731 and global capitalism come to mind for some reason). And then there's the time frame involved in developing viable techno fixes, which isn't much of a time frame at all, what with the ecological storm a-brewing, and impending supply chain problems like peak oil.

Our collective sci-fi boner could be occluding us to the fact that in the very near future we are going to have to learn how to live together in actually sustainable communities, using far more mundane means than those that excite us on geek chic blogs.

Then again, if anarchy, environmental chaos, mass suffering, and warlordism is all we can realistically expect in the future...

I think we need to run and find an adult. How do we get hold of the cryptoterrestrials? I think you need to don your pith helmet and lead us *that* way. Because personally I'd rather try my chances with them than anarcho-capitalist-libertarian spockbot transhumanists who can only think in one direction.

Anonymous said...

So, no one knows where in the US this magazine will be carried?

$8 for an 88 page magazine? Rather pricey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your share! very impressive!