Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a heads-up that my first SETI.com post, "Redefining SETI," has been published. Take a look and feel free to comment.


wintermuse x9 said...

Nice start, but they sure don't give you much text space to flesh out more than just a basic premise or idea, do they?

I look forward to further serial installments, expanding on the idea of enhanced SETI, and considering more than just scanning for radio emissions.

Daniel Brenton said...

Mac --

As wintermuse x9 just mentioned, are you limited for space? That was something like 200 words, which isn't very much for a meaningful discussion, is it?

Some thoughts ... submitted for your consideration ...

You gave me a little teaser, a little bit of an appetizer, but I didn't really get enough of your initial premise to see where you are leading us. Clearly any scientific study has to be based upon accepted methodologies. So are we thinking of looking for neutrino signals and gravity waves? At geological records? Paleontology?

Naturally we can't bring up the "U" word, unless we spell it UAP and have a NARCAP authority bring it up. Assuming anyone in that organization would want to weigh in on it.

And in my opinion our dear Mr. Hoagland has made a mess of taking anything appearing artificial on Mars seriously.

Look! A signpost up ahead! Your next stop, The Heresy Zone.

Am I missing you completely here?

I would like to have seen a little more of a discussion or a supporting argument in what direction you'd like to take us. Naturally, if you're limited to 200 word blurbs, that's something that would not be an easy.

The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton

Mac said...


No, I'm not limited to 200 words. I wanted to see what one of my posts would look like and opted for a "teaser." More to come.

Anonymous said...

The post did not say anything. You used catch phrases but you did not give anything specific. I think the post left most readers scratching their heads.


dad2059 said...

Nice teaser Mac, if the comments here are any indication.

Do it up my man!