Friday, February 01, 2008

Looks like I just might get that SETI blogging gig. And yes, it pays.


Daniel Brenton said...

Mac --

Congratulations. I'm envious. (I think.)

Hopefully it won't make you start channeling William S. Burrows.

(Of course, if I got the gig, I'd probably start channeling Darryl Anka's Bashar or maybe Meier's Semjase out of sheer spite.)

Take no prisoners, Mac. Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war!

The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton

Mac said...

As someone already noted, looks like a commercial site with no particular agenda. Which is why I like their decision to hire a blogger instead of content themselves with an RSS feed for their "news." And apparently they don't care if I speak my mind.

Daniel Brenton said...

What ... read other people's comments?

(Sorry -- in a stranger mood than usual tonight.)

Yes, I actually took a look at the site. I see what you're saying. Perhaps this is naive on my part, but maybe they had a specific agenda to deal with the UFO crowd by finding someone intelligent who understood the subject but hasn't bought into the whole "extraterrestrial hypothesis" dogma. This "young turk" (meaning you) would fit that bill perfectly.

Okay, so don't loose the dogs of war. Dubya's been running them ragged as it is.

W.M. Bear said...

Take no prisoners, Mac. Cry "Havoc!", and let slip the dogs of war!

Or in Mac's case the cats of peace....

Daniel Brenton said...

Mr. Bear --

Never saw Mac as a cat herder.

But, you know, new experiences can bring out talents we didn't know we had. Just look at the candidates.

(On second thought, don't look at the candidates.)

Anonymous said...

Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

After an early involvement in SETI, I completely lost interest in the program.

Perhaps they finally realized just how dull and uninteresting they had become. If I were ET, these would not have been the people I would have looked to party down with if I had the whole the universe from which to pick.

Seriously, if they choose to take advantage of talent like yours to regenerate some interest in the program, then I have new found respect for them.

Hello... hello... hello... is anybody out there?


dad2059 said...

Congrats Mac. SETI does need new blood with a different take on things.

Personally, I think the radio communication schtick is a losing proposition, unless one is looking for Bracewell Probe signals.

Kepler Rosettes or infared readings from Dyson Shells isn't a bad way to go either.