Friday, February 08, 2008

'A new phase in the arms race is unfolding' says Putin

Vladimir Putin has used one of the last major speeches of his presidency to deliver a defiant message to the West, accusing it of unleashing a new arms race that left Moscow no choice but to retaliate in kind. Less than a month before presidential elections that his hand-picked successor is almost certain to win, the speech removed any lingering doubts that Russian foreign policy might become less aggressive after Mr Putin steps down.


Nick Redfern said...

Unfortunately, much of this is due to Dubbya trying to install that missile defense shield in Poland, which has fuck-all to do with rogue states and everything to do with Russia. Goading is the term I'd use.

I guarantee if the Russians said they wanted to build a missile defense shield on the US-Mexico border to protect from potential attacks in South America (hypothetically), Bush and co would be threatening all sorts of shit.

But the complete and utter arrogance makes them assume they can get away with installing a missle defense system in Poland and actually get away with it too, without consequences.

As this new development shows, however, there ARE consequences. And they're all bad.

Anonymous said...

The balance lost with the fall of old Russia was a detriment to us all.



kcotae said...

Words I wrote in my blog a few years ago...

"There once was a man, then there was a few more, then there was millions of them all scrabbling around on a ball of dirt they call Earth. There once was a ball of dirt called Earth and there once was millions of men scrabbling around on this ball of dirt, then there was just a few, then there was one man, then there was ...

Anonymous said...

Turn 'em into a piece of fucking glass.

Just kidding! :D

Ken Y.