Saturday, February 02, 2008

Unexplained "White Nose" Disease Killing Northeast Bats

"What we've seen so far is unprecedented," said Alan Hicks, DEC's bat specialist. "Most bat researchers would agree that this is the gravest threat to bats they have ever seen."

Last year, some 8,000 to 11,000 bats died at several locations in New York, the largest die-off of bats due to disease documented in North America. This year, an unknown number of bats are at risk.

"We have bat researchers, laboratories and caving groups across the country working to understand the cause of the problem and ways to contain it," said Hicks. "Until we know more, we are asking people to stay away from known bat caves."

(Via The Anomalist.)

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W.M. Bear said...

First the bees and now the bats. Wait till the die-off reaches the "h's" (for "humans").

Weevee: pslyaava -- Very drunk pronunciation of "Pennsylvania."