Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"We are in a world that is becoming increasingly atomized . . ."


siggen said...

There's something pathetic and sad about these people. They want to "be more than they are" and "have power." As a human, they already have it, and they don't need a game to realize it.

Anonymous said...

The transition of our consciousness from meatspace into the realm of the virtual is almost certain. In fact I think it is the most likely posthuman evolution. We just need to get the hardware right to make the connection and upload the data from our wetware. No need for a body.

These kinds of knee-jerk documentaries are mostly fear based. Is it a scary transition? Yes it is. Are we losing something by going this direction? That's a harder question to answer given the eventual complexity and interactivity of these virtual realms. They will most certainly be "as" rewarding or more so than this one eventually.

Right now these people are seen as fringe "losers" but that is very likely to change in 10-15 years. Expect it, accept it and choose your path. I would personally rather dip my feet in both worlds as they both offer unique rewards.

I'm just waiting for retirement and my first digital flashbacks!

"I, I was a paratrooper in WWII! I was dammit!...oh wait, that was just "Medal of Honor:Airborne" by Electronic Arts. NURSE!"