Saturday, December 18, 2004

An Electromagnetic Theory Of The Paranormal

"Frequent and prolonged irradiation of the brain by EM fields has been medically shown to induce a range of seemingly paranormal effects, including a sense of 'missing time,' trance states, vivid visual halluciantions [sic], paralysis, deja vu, sudden and intense fear, and feelings of an invisible presence and of being watched. It is probably no coincidence that combinations of some or all of these effects are reported by persons experiencing angels, alien, and poltergeist encounters. Electrical stimulation of the brain's language centers can also produce disembodied voices that intrude into the experiencer's thoughts as if from an external entity."

This is a longtime fascination here at Posthuman Blues. It's likely we won't know how accurate the EM hypothesis is until years from now, when more people have had an opportunity to be exposed to the "hotspots" discussed in the article. As cellphones and satellite TV become ubiquitous, it's feasible we might have an exponentiating problem on our hands; imagine a near-future in which epileptic fits and "visionary" episodes triggered by electromagnetic allergies are commonplace. I'm reminded of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" -- we're saturating our environment with EM radiation without understanding its long-term effects, just as we once unhesitatingly used toxic chemical pesticides.

Could the thriving wireless industry be an unintentional attempt to upgrade the collective unconscious, an unwitting communion with the Other via casual contact with technology?

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