Wednesday, December 15, 2004

New science standards may include intelligent design

"The smoldering embers of the evolution debate that brought international attention to the Kansas State Board of Education could be fanned back to flame as the panel takes up its triennial review of public school teaching standards." (Via Jason at Busy, Busy, Busy, who has a front-row seat to this insanity.)

Even the term "intelligent design" is disingenuous. The conservatives pushing for it aren't the least bit interested in, say, the possibility that the universe was fine-tuned by some arbitrarily advanced intelligence, or that we're someone else's artificial life experiment. Those scenarios are at least as ego-threatening as evolution. "Intelligent design" is a deceptive euphemism for Biblical Creationism, in which a big dude in the sky created mankind "in his own image." That's not speculation; it's superstition.

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