Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I can't resist, um, "borrowing" this from John Shirley's site:

"Macy's ran a big ad for Paris Hilton's new perfume, which is called...Paris Hilton. The copy says that, like Paris Hilton, the perfume is 'sophisticated...brilliant...' Those were the two words you had in mind, when you thought of her, right? Sophisticated. Brilliant.

"Her new scent 'has notes of frozen apple, peach nectar and wet ozone,' according to a reviewer. And maybe just a hint of the terror of tortured lab animals. 'It's screaming, sure, but it's eyes aren't seriously damaged, we can approve this one.' That's the Paris Hilton spirit.

"The ad also says it reflects her 'mysterious' qualities. The mysteries of her internet porn? Like, this mystery: is that a zit or a birthmark on her thigh? I haven't seen the video but from what I've seen of porn, if there's a blemish--it's probably a zit.

"'Now you have the opportunity to share a bit of the magic that is Paris Hilton.' The magic of Paris Hilton--like when she's on reality tv, whining about having to do some work with her hands. ...

"They should describe her perfume appropriately. 'If you feel overwhelmed by your day, spray on some Paris Hilton--her shallowness will become your shallowness. You'll forget about all those nuances, those complexities--you'll think only of yourself. How you look, and who's hot, and where to shop. It's just that simple. It's just...Paris Hilton.'"

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