Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Kerry May Withdraw Concession

"Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry is exploring his legal options after learning that there are serious questions about the validity of the vote count in Ohio. On December 23, Senator Kerry's Ohio attorney Jerry Hoffheimer stated on MSNBC's Countdown that the Senator will be seeking to obtain evidence being presented in a recount suit being pressed by the Green and Libertarian parties in Ohio."

I have difficulty accepting that this is anything but play-acting. The Bush administration practically owns the electronic voting machine industry . . . and Kerry's just now wondering if W cheated? Instead of congratulating W on his ersatz victory during a premature concession speech, Kerry should have railed on this. He should have acknowledged the probability of vote manipulation. He should have fought.

Of course, this presupposes Kerry had some intention of actually winning -- and, in retrospect, I think this is a matter for debate.

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