Sunday, December 26, 2004

I finally coughed up the money for Morrissey's expanded, deluxe two-disc release of "You Are the Quarry," which contains eight B-sides and a DVD. I'm a bit angry because I thought I had already bought the "deluxe" two-disc edition when the album debuted. Then again, $20 for eight brand-new songs (practically an album's worth) isn't too bad. And the songs are pretty great. I listened to them on my portable while ingesting (somehow, "drinking" is not the word I'd choose) a chilled Naked health beverage -- ostensibly banana-flavored -- which left a persistent silty residue between my lips and gums.

Tracks to pay special attention to include "Teenage Dad On His Estate" (the title alone is ingenious), "Friday Mourning" and "The Never Played Symphonies." Nothing quite as excellent as "Come Back to Camden," but lots of Quintessential Morrissey Moments; I dare you to listen to "Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice" without laughing.

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